Data privacy has never been more important. As of the 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will be in effect. This new law is built around the principles of transparency and control, something Gekko UK takes pride in offering.

In order to comply with these new regulations, we have to gain your consent to continue to hold your data and we are required to inform you of your individual rights under the new legislation. You are required by law to opt-in to be able to hold your personal data, however, certain information is required to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations as detailed below.
Please see below, examples of the information we hold on our ERF systems

Customers & Suppliers:

  • Contact names
  • Company registered address/Invoice address(s)/Delivery Address(s)
  • Company name
  • Company email addresses
  • VAT numbers
  • Company Registration Number

Suppliers Only:

Bank details for payment purposes: Sort code, Account number, Account Name, IBAN.

We use your information to allow us to fulfil our contractual obligation to you as a customer or a supplier. Information about you and your company is stored on-site at Gekko UK and is protected by system login ids and passwords. Backup data is retained to enable us to recover any lost data through equipment failure or damage to the network. Therefore, we are the only party who can access the backup data. You have the right to request a copy of the information Gekko UK holds for you or your business. If you would like a copy of this information, please email.

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