Product Summary

DM40 Thermal Transfer Ribbon is suitable for almost all standard in-line coding applications. It’s capacity to work with high levels of stability in Near Edge Thermal Transfer printers makes it suitable for 95% of applications. Extensive levels of Density and Durability make it highly appealing to quality control. With a Bold, Dense black print and consistent print speeds of up to 600mm/per second, it is a benchmark product for TTO printing.
DM100 Thermal Transfer Ribbons are suitable for the majority of in-line Resin applications. Advanced levels of Resistance and Durability make DM100 a natural choice for demanding or sensitive substrates. DM100 performs consistently under superior heat, chemical contact and advanced abrasion. With a Bold, Dense black print and consistent marking in tough environments, it is a benchmark Resin within in the TTO coding industry.


٠ GP725 General purpose, resin-enhanced wax offering excellent print quality on a variety of rough, uncoated label stock and synthetic film materials.
Gives excellent print quality on normal and rotated barcodes. The anti-static Guardian2 backcoat  protects printheads ensuring longer life and consistent print quality.


٠ FLEXMARK ECO Standard wax offering good print quality on vellum and coated label stock. FlexMark ECO is 100% Solvent Free. No solvents are used at any point in the process. This can be an eco-friendly selling point for end users.


٠ PM308 General purpose wax-resin offering excellent print quality and mechanical resistance on rougher stocks.
٠ PM255 Offers excellent scratch resistance on coated and synthetic label material.


٠ SP330 Designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions, this Super Premium Resin provides the highest level of resistance to abrasion, heat, steam, and some chemicals. The glossy, black ink offers clean and bold prints every time.


٠ NETMARK IQ Produces dark and dense barcodes, text and images with no show through or voids even at high speeds. Good scratch and smudge resistance on a wide range of stocks.
٠ NETFLEX IIMAK’s newest NetFlex wax-resin thermal transfer ink is designed specifically for printing directly onto flexible packaging. This improved formulation delivers blacker, bolder text with excellent durability.
٠ NETPREMIUM Provides excellent scratch and smudge resistance on a wide range of substrates. Well suited for a variety of demanding in-line systems, printing directly onto flexible packaging and labels. Provides a high level of image quality and mechanical and chemical durability.
٠ NETCOLOUR This stock offering mentions red, green and blue. Other colours are available on request.
٠ NETWHITE+ High speed and opaque white wax-resin for near edge printers, giving excellent print quality and scratch resistance. Highly suited for in-line packaging applications.
٠ NET METALLIC SILVER WHITE For added high-value effect, use Net Metallic Silver White. Can be used in applications where the high coat weight of NetWhite is not desired.


٠ NETRESIN IQ Offers outstanding performance at high print speeds, delivering high-quality output and superior abrasion, chemical and heat resistance. Optimizes at lower energy settings, extends print-head life and is perfect for in-line package printing and labelling applications.