Q & A

Why buy Thermal Print Heads from Gekko?
Gekko UK supply more than 21,000 thermal Printheads per annum. Based on our buying power and unique market position our products are extremely competitive.

Why buy Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR) from Gekko?
At Gekko we work with the two leading TTR manufacturers Worldwide as well as one highly specialist manufacturer for any unique customer demands. This allows us to cover almost every possible query/application that arises.

Response times?
Gekko is the only company of its kind in our industry with a 20 minute response policy to all enquiries! customer service.

Product delivery times?
Stock items ship same day up until 3.00pm. Custom made items vary, your customer service or sales representative can provide this information for you at the time of quoting.

Try before you buy?
Absolutely – we would always assist with samples, product testing etc

What shipping options are there?
We have daily collections from TNT, DHL and UPS. We also use a selection of freight companies for bigger consignments

Can I use my own carrier?
Yes, either we can ship on your account or we can provide shipment details and you can send in a carrier for us.

What countries can we support?
We are shipping to over 60 countries worldwide.

Certificates of Origin? Certificates of Conformance? Signed Customs Invoices? ATR Documents?  EUR1 Certificates?
Yes, we can prepare all this customs paperwork in house.

Can Gekko provide customer credit?
Yes, based on a successful credit check we can offer most countries some form of credit.

How can I place an order with Gekko?
To place an order we would need an official PO, details to include ship to, invoice address, product details, quantity etc and an order number or reference. We can then arrange the shipment or send you a PI for payment.

Can I pay on my Credit Card?
Unfortunately not – we don’t take card payments

Paying by Paypal?

Yes, in GBP, + a 3.5% cost (which is our fee from Paypal to receive funds).

Can I use a Euro or USD account Yes, we have business accounts in Euro and USD so you can work in your local currency.

Do you offer discounts based on volume?


Can you offer me a contract price?
Yes, and we can stock for call off without any issues.

Does Gekko work with any resellers?
Yes we have resellers in all major countries.

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